Breakfast Club Podcasts

Melanie Therrien from Wicked Illustrations in Lewistons returns to the Breakfast Club to announce upcoming shows, art camp, and much more. 

State Senator eric Brakey drops by the Breakfast Club to catch up after the GOP Convention, gives us the latest on what’s happening in Augusta, recaps the Cannabis law, discusses

Will Fessenden and Steve Collins dropped by for the Sun Journal Weekend Preview. The Democratic State Convention happens this weekend, we guess the amount if Coupons, and discuss a story

The LA Metro Marketplace is happening on June 7th at the Bates Mill Complex, and there limited booths left. We talk about deadlines for signing up and more on The

The Great Falls Comic Expo coming to the Norway Savings Bank Ice Arena this weekend! Ben Santos and Jason Paquin join us to discuss it.

Kevin Frisbie from Frisbie and Associates checks in to talk about his radio show “The Financial Safari”, which you can hear Sunday monrings at 8am right here on maine’s Big

Dawn Hartill & Leah Douglass stop by to talk about a comedy show to bebenfit the COMPASS Program at Westbrook High School. Hear all about it now!

The Music of Cole Porter and George Gershwin will be in the air this weekend at the Gendron Franco Center in Lewiston! John Corrie and Connie Hitchcock check in to

The Y is up and running! Steve Wallace and Becca Tinkham discuss what this means for members and discuss the 150th year of the Y. 

The Maine Innovation Expo is happening this Saturday May 19th at the Bates Mill Complex in Lewiston, and Kate Webber from Museum L-A and Jason Tardy from Audiobody discuss how

The Empty Bowls Supper returns on May 20th at the Unitarian Church in Auburn (across from Dairy Joy). Erin Reed discusses that, their services, tries to solve a mystery with

Located in Lewiston, Hero’s Subs offers some great food and some very convenient ways to order! We talk about that and more with Liz Young!

All sorts of action in this weekend’s Sun Journal, we’ll talk all about it before you read about it with Will Fessenden from the Sun Media Group. 

Always wanted to be on stage? Fan of Rocky Horror Picture Show? Then this is the opportunity for you. Rocky For Equality is holding Auditions May 20th and 21st for

Make-A-Wish at Margarita’s in Auburn this Saturday Night! Continental Shakedown and many other bands and artists will be perfomring to make money for Make-A-Wish Maine.

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