Breakfast Club Podcasts

JP Yorkey is the Dean of Students and Athletics at St Dom’s, and he stoppedContinue Reading
State Senator Nate Libby stopped by to talk about the last legislative session, vetoes, theContinue Reading
Dean Barron from Fallen Heroes talked about the latest with the organization, as Mitch ThomasContinue Reading
Steve Cox from ServiceMaster cleaned up a full hour with Mitch Thomas and George, andContinue Reading
Justin Pelletier checked in with the Breakfast Club Friday to discuss HS Sports being rightContinue Reading
This month’s LA Metro Chamber of Commerce Breakfast originated from the Auburn-Lewiston Airport! Listen toContinue Reading
Alex Gaeth is the Executive Director of Make-A-Wish Maine, and he was joined by JohnnyContinue Reading
Jimbo Marston from Uncle Andy’s Digest and Larry Roy, from Dad’s Place in Mechanic Falls,Continue Reading
Author Bruce Coffin, who is following up his book “Among the Shadows”, stopped by theContinue Reading
John Blanchette and Chris Hodgkin are the co-directors of “Shrek: The Musical”, which is runningContinue Reading
Whitney King Buker, from the Minot Historical Society, stopped by to talk about the MHASContinue Reading
Jule Rabinowitz from the Maine Dept of Labor returned, and this time brought the commissionerContinue Reading
Mr Drew and His Animals, Too (pictured is his friend Gomez) stopped by to talkContinue Reading
Will Fessenden, Mark Mogensen, & Julie-Anne Baumer stopped in for this week’s edition of theContinue Reading
Donna Harris, pictured here planking with almost 40 pounds on her back as she preparesContinue Reading
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