Breakfast Club Podcasts

Justin Starbird from the Aebli Group stops by to discuss the timing of marketing campaigns, and how to utilize social media for special events, and much more. 

Pam Ashby is the Editor-In-Chief for LA Metro Magazine, and this month we discuss the Winter Issue, the story-creation process, and take a look at some topics that might be

Kevin Frisbie, from Frisbie and Associates and host of the Financial Safari Sunday mornings at 8 am on Maine’s Big Z, drops by to discuss his new book “Every Dime,

Krissy O’Shea is a New England-based photographer, stylist, writer, recipe developer and events designer. She is the creator of the brand and blog Cottage Farm and a contributing editor at

Sarah Brann from Blank Slate Fitness and Personal Training stopped by the Breakfast Club to check on all the New Year’s Resolutioners…give an update on classes available…and much more. 

What makes a person abandon the world and become a hermit? Was Chris Knight merely an anti-social loner? Or does he have something important to teach us? These are some

Will Fessenden from the Sun Journal drops by for this weekend’s edition of the Sun Journal, and discusses an early morning event today in the Oxford Hills.