Leaders of the city organizations deliver a message of peace
Immigrant community leaders rallied in Lewiston Sunday, asking for love and tolerance in the wake of what they called “rising ethnic tensions.” Donald Giusti, 38, who was brutally beaten with a brick in a violent clash between two groups in Kennedy Park died Friday. His friends said he was a good man, and his death symbolizes more needs to be done to clean up the city. A barbecue and vigil will be held for Giusti in Kennedy Park Thursday. His funeral is Friday.

Bullets Fly in Lewiston
Gunfire rang out in Lewiston. Police were called to the 100 block of Spring Street for reports of shots fired late Friday night. Police said no one was injured and nothing was damaged though they found some evidence at the scene.

Water Depth Played Role in Lewiston Middle Schooler’s Drowning
The depth of water at Range Pond likely contributed to the drowning of a Lewiston Middle School student who was on a fieldtrip. The state Department of Agriculture said the roped-off area is about 8 to 10 ft. and is intended for swimming—not wading. Superintendent Bill Webster said he had no idea how deep the swimming area was and said there’s no consistency from park to park. Rayan Issa drowned last Tuesday while playing football in the water with friends.

Access an Issue for Lewiston Mental Health Services Agency
Marci Bernard and Nicole Pollock from Tri-County Mental Health Services in Lewiston visited The Breakfast Club and were asked about the greatest challenges they face. The answer? Access. To hear more of the conversation visit

Ranked-Choice Tabulations Underway
It’s a game of mathematical survival—who will win the Democratic nominations in the Maine governor and U.S. House races remains to be seen. Under ranked-choice voting, which debuted in the nation in Maine last week, voters rank their candidates in order. The last-place finisher is eliminated and now votes will be re-tabulated to find the majority winner.

Collins Doesn’t Support Separating Immigrant Children from Parents
U.S. Senator Susan Collins said separating children from their families won’t stop illegal immigration. On CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday, Collins said it’s against American values. She added a zero-tolerance policy and using children in this way won’t act as a deterrent to stop illegal immigration.

LePage Seeks Psychiatric Home Residences for Kids
Governor Paul LePage wants to keep children in a different kind of psychiatric facility. He’s proposing regulations for psychiatric residences–that are a step below hospitals. The facilities would cost taxpayers millions annually, but it’s something community members are rallying behind. Data shows dozens of Maine children have had to leave the state to get care they need elsewhere. The state has 330 residential treatment beds for kids with mental illness, but they’re all full.

Parking in Portland Gets Easier
Finding a spot may still be a challenge in Portland, but the city has a new easier way for you to pay. You can do so with your smartphone by downloading the Passport app. You can also add time to your meter right from your phone. Those without cellphones will still be able to use coins or credit cards

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