Headlines 6/15/17

Bus Drivers
The Auburn School Department has found out that outsourcing bus drivers to save money didn't work. This fall, bus drivers will again be School Department employees, according to Superintendent Katy Grondin. On Wednesday, Superintendent Grondin said the School Department is ending its relationship with Ledgemere Transportation. The company and the School Department have mutually agreed “to go our separate ways,” Grondin said. Drivers will get pay raises. Some will be be made full-time employees with 30-hour workweeks and receive benefits, including health insurance.

Police Officer Nick Meserve is among Lewiston officers handing out tickets to pedestrians while particiapting in a special detail yesterday targeting motorists behavior putting cyclists and pedestrians in danger and the patrols were also designed to catch risky behavior from those on foot or a bike. In the span of an hour Wednesday, Meserve handed out a $136 ticket and a series of warnings to about 10 people downtown. Some people on foot weren't using sidewalks or crosswalks, and a pair of cyclists were riding against traffic with a toddler who didn't have a helmet. He says texting and driving comes with its own stiff fine: $310 for a first offense.

Boat Capsizes
Maine game wardens say three boaters are missing after their vessel capsized in windy conditions on Square Lake in northern Maine. Cpl. John MacDonald says only one of the four occupants who headed onto the lake Tuesday afternoon made it back to shore. Three others are presumed to be in the water. MacDonald said the four clung to the capsized boat until nightfall. He says the survivor was the only one wearing a lifejacket.

New Hampshire state police say two drivers are accused of racing along a highway, with one clocked at 102 miles an hour. The drivers were stopped on Route 101 westbound in Raymond during the Wednesday morning commute. The speed zone was 65 miles an hour. Police arrested a 21-year-old of Manchester, New Hampshire, and a 24-year-old of York, Maine, on charges of reckless conduct, road racing and reckless driving and possessing drugs. Both are scheduled for an Aug. 9 court appearance.

Lock Your Windows
Police in Maine are warning homeowners about break-ins as the temperatures start to rise. South Portland police officer Rocco Navarro says burglars look for open windows on the back and side of homes. Officer Navarro adds thieves choose to steal during the day time because it looks less suspicious. Police say homeowners should keep their windows and doors locked and also avoid posting on social media when you leave for a family vacation.

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